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News from Nipal Ashram India 2013


View towards gate from new building




We have arrived in the beautiful and peaceful Nipal Ashram, where Swamiji’s life with Holy Guruji began. The Ashram welcomed Swamiji and the group with warm hospitality and shortly after we arrived everyone seemed notably relaxed, willing to help with Karma Yoga in the expansive garden. Despite the heat, karma yogis plucked grass all day and planted some new mango and other fruit trees. The villagers are friendly and treat us more as family than guests, which makes this special temple Ashram in rural Rajasthan a wonderful place to experience the simplicity of life. The environment is naturally suitable for Sadhana, Prayer and self-reflection, so our start to the day is full of such blissful moments.

Swamiji has many visitors, among them, many who have known Him for over 50 years and who show a naturally deep reverence for Swamiji and all that He does. Recently He has arranged for, and funded a 150,000 liter, huge water tank so this large village will always have access to a plentiful and fresh supply of water. This is life giving for the locals, as so often water in Rajasthan is scare. This project comes at a huge monetary expense but it’s just one, of the many things that Swamiji does for those in need.

It rained while here, and the cool winds brought a short, yet welcome relief from the Rajasthan monsoon heat. The sky became colorful and for a short while the Karma Yogis enjoyed a nice shower, almost enough to freshen up for the evening prayers and Satsang.  The rain had provided just enough for give a fresh supply of Prana to the nature and to us all. We are thankful to Gurudev that we could be part of the work to create this divine Sanctuary.

With the Divine Blessing of Holy Guruji and Love from Nipal Ashram.



dusk time by the front gate from across the river, lookig towards whole Ashram area Karma yoga weeding with help!


Monsoon Rains Nipal Ashram gate P1010656

P1010695 P1010748 Shiva Temple