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Hari Om dear brothers and sisters,

This message is coming from Birmingham in England to you, our dear yoga brothers and sisters in the UK and around the world who care about the health and well-being of fellow humans, our animal friends, and the environments we live in – and who know that the principles of yoga can, and do, benefit us all.


Firstly, I wish you a happy, healthy, wise and wonderful 2009! Thank you for your interest and support for YOGA IN DAILY LIFE activities in Birmingham during the past 10 months since I've had the blessing to make this friendly city my home. So far we have a few weekly classes with several regular students, plus occasional satsangs and workshops, and some shared events with various other local community groups. We even had a local Asian TV channel call this week to feature us in an interview and yoga demonstration on their new health programme! I pray that your own YIDL work is going well and helping many towards health and harmony.


As you may know, our dear Swamiji’s vision for a YIDL Ashram in Birmingham inspired us to start the yoga classes in a city centre community church last Spring, as well as look for a property for a more permanent YIDL home. Like all YIDL Ashrams it will be a centre for spiritual practice, community health programmes, environmental conservation, humanitarian aid, and educational activities; a place with opportunities for cultural interaction, personal growth and, above all – selfless service.

We have just found a place in Selly Oak, south Birmingham which Swamiji agrees to: a neglected old wooden hall in a residential area, near the main University and several hospitals, on public transport routes, and close to shopping centres – it has really good potential for Swamiji’s vision to materialise! (especially as it’s due for a good renovation :)

But we need your help and we need to act quickly!


In order to create a warm, welcoming, eco-friendly, organically landscaped premises, with a zero carbon-footprint – setting an example to others for sustainable living and working practices – it’s best if we can buy the property rather than rent. We would need about 200,000 pounds or euros to purchase and renovate it to a standard we can all be proud of. We’ve already been offered a L12,000 donation – so that’s a nice start :)

But it’s not just money we need - here are some ideas for ways you can join us in making Swamiji’s vision for Birmingham Ashram a reality:

* give your expert advice on sustainable energy, heating & building methods
* make suggestions for renovations and uses of the premises
* offer fundraising activity ideas and co-ordination
* provide UK/EU grant application information, assistance & advice
* offer your skills in:
- building
- decorating
- gardening
- permaculture design
- graphic design
- publicity
* find materials for the building renovation and garden landscaping
* provide helping hands for manual labour on the building or in the garden
* offer a substantial long term financial loan
* donate any amount in any currency
* nourish the whole team with abundant enthusiastic moral support!

Please contact me via phone, email, post or in person if you'd like to come and see the property, contribute in some way, or just want to find out more...

With humble thanks and wishes of peace


Yoga in Daily Life - Birmingham
17 Shaw's Passage
B5 5JG

+44 (0)7903 124176
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Donations:

BANK: The Cooperative Bank
BRANCH ADDRESS: Kings Valley, Yew Street, Stockport, Cheshire SK4 2JU, UK
ACCOUNT NAME: Yoga in Daily Life (Birmingham) SORTING CODE: 08-92-99 ACCOUNT
IBAN: GB43 CPBK 0892 9965 2873 21




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