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One million videoviews on Youtube-Channel of Yoga in Daily Life

Our Yoga in Daily Life Youtube-Channel is online since November 2007
There are until today – 19th September 2010 – 626 video uploads

We have 6 playlists with different topics

  • Bhajans and Kirtans contains 113 videos
  • Meditation and Relaxation with Swamiji contains 14 videos
  • Hatha Yoga Kriyas contains 12 videos
  • Yidl Asanas contains 16 videos
  • Travelling with Swamiji 1985 contains 8 videos
  • Holy Guruji's Living Wisdom Series contains 29 videos

What are the advantages of the Yoga in Daily Life YouTube videos ?

  • you choose by yourself the topic you would like to know or learn more about
  • the maximum length is now 15 minutes (new)
  • you get the essence of one whole lecture in a view minutes
  • mostly they are up to date because there are weekly / daily uploads
  • the videos on the playlists continues automatically
  • you can listen more than 12 hours bhajans playing in the background meanwhile you have other duties …….

How to find exactly the video you are looking for ?

Type the topic what you are searching in to the "search uploads" place on the
Yoga in Daily Life channel site – for example if you are typing – mantra - all videos which have in its content something about mantra will appear for you

Have a look yourself and find the hidden treasure of Yoga in Daily Life YouTube videos: