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Damaged buildings in Rakiraki

Hari OM

Dear brothers and sisters,

As you have read and heard in the media, on the weekend of 20-21 February 2016, a devastating tropical cyclone left a trail of destruction in the Fiji islands, killing and injuring numerous people, destroying homes and damaging infrastructure. Many are still without electricity and drinking water, and are cut off from communications. Enormous numbers are now living in overcrowded evacuation centers, as their homes have been destroyed.

This was the most powerful tropical cyclone in the Pacific island-nation's recorded history and reached speeds of up to 325 kms/h. The area of Rakiraki, where Vishwaguruji and our yoga group resided for several weeks last year, was struck particularly hard by the force of the storm.

On behalf of the International Sri Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship of Yoga in Daily Life and Sri Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council we are turning to our international Yoga in Daily Life community to grant financial help for the reconstruction of houses and infrastructure in the devastated areas of the Fiji Islands.

Yoga in Daily Life centers worldwide are collecting donations for immediate help to people in Fiji. The donations will be transferred to a charitable non-profit relief organisation in Fiji who is directly assisting by supplying food and water sanitation, along with building materials to the badly affected areas.

Help is needed urgently! Please contact one of the Yoga in Daily Life centers in your country now to make your donation. Thank you.


Yours with gratitude,
Board members of International Sri Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship
& Sri Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council