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Peace day in Salzburg, Austria

The UN Peace celebration of YIDL Salzburg organized jointly with the Salzburg Peace Network was a great success. The celebration took place in the park of Hellbrunn at the world peace tree of Yoga in Daily Life. Approx.130 people attended. The program was very diverse and enriched bymusical performances. The event was attended by seven representatives from all political parties who gave their statement on the subject of peace. Around the peace tree, children and parents laid a Mandala of international flags and arranged the symbols of the six world religions.

In Villach, Carinthia, at the YIDL world peace tree took place an inter-religious peace celebration with representatives of Catholic church, Protestant church, Baha'i. Attached is a report of this event in the Carinthia newspaper.

Also in Klagenfurt, Linz and Vienna YIDL members gathered at the YIDL world peace trees singing peace mantras and prayers.




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