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Peace tree planting in Eisenstadt, Austria 2013


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Celebrating 40 years of "Yoga in Daily LIfe" in Austria and 5 years of "Yoga in Daily Life" - Center in Eisenstadt, Austria, a peace tree was planted in Eisenstadt on March 26th, 2013. The planting of a linden tree took place in the Cosmopolitan Garden of the Europe House, with the blessings of Swamiji and by the support of the managing director of the Europe House, our Yoga-friends and friends of the Europe House. The Cosmopolitan Garden has been created with much love and engagement of the Europe House members, aiming to give ground and room to integration, communication and community of people from all nations and cultures.
As it is of great importance to us as an international Yoga community as well as to the Europe House to work and set symbols for international peace, we are very happy to have now a living symbol of our strivings on these special grounds. A tree that shows  how life can work: with roots growing deep into the earth and spreaded arms to bear blossoms and fruits for the well being of all living creatures, and whatever may happen: always to grow towards the light!


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