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Planting 800 trees near Karlovac in Croatia


On Saturday 22nd of March in the small town of Jastrebarsko, near Karlovac, a group of Karlovac and Zagreb members of Yoga in Daily Life, with the help of good people of Sumarija Jastrebarsko (Forestry Authority of Jastrebarsko), planted 800 young Red Oak and Ash trees.

As a repeat of a similar action last year, the planting had been planned for International Earth Day on 22 April, but as the nature of our country has already begun to wake up, planting of these type of trees has to be done now, a month earlier. We believe that Mother Earth would not mind this early commemoration of her special day.

Participants learned from a forestry expert (for planting and taking care of trees), that the oak grows best when it has its “roots in the water, trunk in the shade and treetop in the sun.” Translated as a metaphor: an oak grows best in the woods – in the community and family of their kind – as does mankind.

The day ended with reciting of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and Peace Mantra in the field of young trees.

We are looking forward to our next tree planting get-together in this beautiful part of Croatia!

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