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Planting of a thousand young trees in the Žumberak Nature Park 22 November 2014

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Just a week after planting the Peace Alley in Kopački Rit, more than a thousand young oak trees and several hundred young wild cherry trees have been planted in another gem of Croatian nature, the Žumberak Nature Park. This action proves how little effort it takes to plant a large forest, involving just 18 members of the Association of Yoga in Daily Life from Karlovac and Zagreb. The good people from Jastrebarsko Forest Office, led by our dear friend and a lover of nature, Mr Dražen Lovreček, again took care to acquire the trees for planting. The Jastrebarsko Forest Office, as on the previous two planting occasions, donated this considerable number of young trees free of charge. As always, Mr Lovreček, with much patience and understanding, explained to the gathering what the required procedure is to prepare and plant a young tree. He also explained the difference between the Common Oak, which was planted last time, and the Sessile Oak, which was planted on this occasion in the Gović Forest, in the middle of beautiful Žumberak. It was decided that, with nature now resting, the group would visit this beautiful location again in the spring – to enjoy the untouched nature of the park and see the progress of the new trees that were planted.



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