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Public Lecture in Maribor Concert Hall, Slovenia

 Maribor Concert Hall 2019 01 18

Dr. Dinevski explained that the very popular concept of 'Mindfulness' actually comes from the ancient Yogic tradition - the word is derived from the Indian term SATI - and presented some philosophical background on this.

The theoretical part of the lecture was followed by 20 minutes of practicing 'mindfulness meditation', which is the introductory step of the Self-Inquiry Meditation technique, according to the system Yoga in Daily Life, authored by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda.

530 people attended this public event, 200 of whom were YIDL practitioners, the other 330 were newly interested in Yoga. All were invited to attend YIDL classes in the Yoga Centers in Maribor and the surrounding region.

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