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Public Lecture in Zagreb

Vishwaguruji concluded his visit to Croatia with a public lecture at the Crystal Hall of the Westin Hotel in Zagreb, on Sunday 8 April 2018 – more than 600 citizens of Zagreb attended, along with guests from other Croatian cities and neighboring countries, including Slovenia and Austria.


The topic of the lecture was 'Satsang', and Vishwaguruji explained in his words, and also by the example of the lecture program itself, what "meeting the truth" (satsang) really is. 

The audience had the opportunity to receive vital advice for life through many yogic explanations, and to learn a practical yogic technique for healing the body, mind, and soul through the sound of the universe and solar energy. As Vishwaguruji often says, "tons of theory is nothing, compared with a gram of practice."

At the end of the lecture, the audience was very pleased to hear Vishwaguruji’s promise that he would soon return to Zagreb.

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