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Public Lecture with Prof. Dr. Dejan Dinevski in Maribor​, Slovenia

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On Tuesday 29th of November 2016, Dr. Dejan Dinevski (Dayalpuri), president of Yoga in Daily Life Maribor, delivered a lecture titled 'Be healthy and vital with Yoga and Meditation' in the main concert hall in Maribor, Slovenia. Tickets for the first lecture were sold out quickly, so the event, hosted by the newspaper Večer, was repeated twice in the same evening.

Dr. Dinevksi presented yoga and meditation, emphasizing the scientific research that proves the outstanding benefits of both. He also spoke about the functions of the mind and the yogic understanding of consciousness.

The central subject of the lectures was the spiritual aspect of human life. Dr. Dinevski drew several parallels of the western and eastern philosophy on the matters of being, the purpose of human life, and spiritual development.

After each lecture, he guided the audience in a session of Self - Inquiry Meditation according to Yoga in Daily Life system.

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