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"HOW TO BRING MORE LOVE TO THE WORLD" (2nd International Children Peace Conference 2004)

On August 12, 2004, in the beautiful area of the International Yoga in Daily Life Centre in Strilky, Czech Republic, the 2nd International Children Peace Conference, titled "HOW TO BRING MORE LOVE TO THE WORLD", took place. Initiated by His Holiness Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji, the Conference was a huge event, with more than 1000 visitors from across Europe and special guests from Indian Embassy in Czech Rep., Mr. Kumar Mukesh (Indian Cultural attaché) and Mr. Charee. Letters of support came from Mrs. Dagmar Havlova (the wife of the ex-president of Czech Republic, Mr. Vaclav Havel) and from the Minister of Environment, Mr. Ambrozek.

Children and youth from about 10 European countries and the USA gathered to discuss the most urgent matters of today’s world – questions of peace, environment and spiritual values in modern society.

Following the success of the first Conference from 2003, many children were enthusiastically involved in the preparations of the event. They put together more than 30 contributions, consisting of paper presentations, cultural programs and performances. The younger ones drew pictures and decorations, prepared songs and poems.

The topics which the children themselves selected for this Conference focus on a better future of all humankind. Sample topics were: "How to create better relationships between humans?", "Can I myself enrich the world with love?", "Tolerance among religions, cultures and all nations".

Swamiji gave the closing speech and emphasized the importance of the themes the children addressed. He pointed out the topics of environment, water and climate changes. "Do not ignore the laws of the Nature. Never disregard Nature or Nature will take its retribution", is one of the Golden Teachings of Sri Mahaprabhuji. Swamiji said that we are not far from Nature’s revenge, if we will not change our attitude towards it.

Children were expressing their love to mothers (and to fathers too) and Swamiji replied that we can look upon entire Earth as to our "Mother" and that we should give it the same love and respect as to our own mothers.

"I am proud of our children, they have demonstrated their love and wisdom. I wish them good, harmonious and healthy life, good education and many many blessings", were Swamiji’s concluding words.



Children are greeting Swamiji Swamiji with guests from the Indian Embassy The Conference took place in the beautiful area of Strilky YIDL ashram

A flag and a candle for each participating country Children lit the candles to open the Conference And also a candle for Sri Mahaprabhuji

Show me the path - performance of international group od children Supporting love on the Earth - performance of international group od children The One who loves you - a song

Performance of Slovenian children A folk song on flutes Supporting love on the Earth - performance of international group od children

Supporting love on the Earth - performance of international group od children Youth Press Conference - performance of Czech youth Swamiji enjoys the Conference

Children are talking to God (in Heaven) - performance Children are talking to God (on Earth) - performance Opening the Heart with Love - resolutions of the children

Bhajan (Indian spiritual song) sung by Czech children Greeting words of participants of the youth-exchange camp, organised by India-Slovak Friendship Society from Trencin/Slovakia Swamiji gives the closing speech

Giving presents to children