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Rajasthan Board Exams final report for our Jadan School

All Rajasthan School Board exam results of the Jadan School students have now been confirmed (for 5th, 8th, 10th and 12th classes).

A table showing the overview can be seen here.

As the table shows, almost all students successfully passed their exams, and the passing average of our school is way above the Pali district level, as well as State level. Our school name was printed in newspapers as one of the rare schools in the district with 100% passing average.

The results of our Gyan Putra students were also excellent:

  • out of 89 Gyan Putra students who approached board exams: 88 passed (43 of them with more than 70%);
  • in 12th grade Science, two Gyan Putra students are in top 3 results of the school;
  • in 12th grade Arts, Gyan Putra students hold 6 out of 10 best results in the school (all girls);
  • average score of Gyan Putra students in 12th grade exams is 66.95%;
  • in 10th grade, Gyan Putra students hold 2 out of 5 best results;
  • average score of Gyan Putra students in 10th grade exams is 56.9% - they will continue to work hard in the next 2 years to achieve even better results in 12th grade exams, which are crucial for their future education and college admissions.

Two new school buses have recently been acquired in time for starting the new school term.

Gyan Putra organisers, as well as school staff and students, expressed their gratitude for all support given by Yoga in Daily Life practitioners around the world.

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