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Sadhvi Daya Mata leads YIDL Retreat in China

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Report by Sadhvi Daya Mata

I arrived in Haikou from Delhi on the evening of 29th November and the following day took a one-and-a-half-hour train ride with 12 people to the Li native village, surrounded by mountains and greenery for a weekend retreat of silence. Upon arrival, we were accommodated in 4-bed townhouses, which were simple, clean and most adequate.

Our introduction to Yoga in Daily Life system was held on top of a tower with a scenic view of the village, with three of the local staff joining us. After our first session of relaxation yoga, we were presented with a vegetarian supper.

The following morning, we chanted our prayers facing the mountains, followed by YIDL System - Level 1 asanas, pranayama and meditation for two and a half hours, and then a nourishing simple breakfast. The emphasis on this retreat was silence, with no mobile phones allowed, and also not indulging in overly tasty food, in order to allow the senses to rest and recharge.

In the afternoon, we had a short lecture on breathing, followed by Yoga Nidra - conscious relaxation - and practice of Khatu Pranam

At 4pm, we walked 5km to a passionfruit farm and were planning to pick passionfruits, but upon arrival we found the fruits were not yet ripe, so we bought the fruits instead. Some came back with a ride on a 3-wheel motor cart, singing along the way.  Upon returning, we were served dinner, which was simple, colorful, well-prepared vegetarian food. We ended the beautiful day practicing the Tratak technique - candlelight purification of the eyes and concentration.

The last day had the same shorter yoga program in the morning and then exploration of the surrounding foggy mountains and fields of different vegetation, listening to bird song and watching beautiful butterflies.

After another simple, delicious local lunch, the Li tribe dressed in colorful costumes to send us off with garlands of a type of local nut, and invited us to dance between the bamboo with the natives.  It was indeed a most beautiful way to end our Retreat.

The group of 15 participants enjoyed their own silence and truly relaxed and recharged. They appreciated the magnificent mountains and green fields, and the hospitality of the Li tribe. In fact, the servers and cook joined us at times and truly appreciated that Yoga in Daily Life relaxed them in a short space of time.

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