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Sadhvi Shanti's Kailas Kora

Dear yoga-friends!

Through the blessing of our Masters and God's divine grace I recieved a great opportunity to reach and circumambulate the Mt. Kailas! I was in perfect health during the whole trip. We started from Nepal on Ganesha Chaturti and we had a very special occasion: we could be at the Mansarova lake exactly on the full-moon time, which was really great! During the trek the weather was mostly good (except for the first two days) and we didn't have any severe problem on the way. I felt all my yoga-friends with me during the pilgrimage, as if you were there all the time. Looking forward to see my beloved yoga-family very soon!

Send you all my love,

Sadhvi Shanti


Kailas northface, October 1, 2004 Sadhvi Shanti on the way to Mt. Kailas Mansarova lake with Mt. Kailas in the background

Setting prayer-flags on the Doelma Lathe pass, the highest point of the kora, altitude 5600 m, in the name of \'Yoga in Daily Life\'