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Satsang on the occasion of the 48. anniversary of Mahaprabhuji's Mahasamadhi

Please read this transcript of H.H. Swamiji's satsang from 5th of December 2011 from Annapurna region, Nepal:


ૐ गुरुर ब्रह्मा
गुरुर विष्णु
गुरुर देवो महेश्वरः
गुरुर साक्षात परम ब्रह्म
तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः

Om Gurur Brahma
Gurur Vishnu
Gururdevo Maheshwara
Gurur Saakshaat Param Brahma
Tasmai Shree Guruve Namah

Dhyana mulam Gurur murtim
Puja mulam, Gurur padam
Mantra mulam, Gurur vakyam
Moksha mulam, Gurur kripa

Brahmanandam Paramasukhadam 

Kevalam Jnana Murtim
Dvamdvatitam Gaganasadrisham
Tasmasyadi Lakshyam
Ekam Nityam Vimalamachalam
Sarvadhi Sakshibhutam
Bhavatitam Trigunarahitam
Satgurum Tam Namamyaham

Sri Deep Narayan Bhagwan ki Jay!

Good morning to all dear bhaktas of Sri Mahaprabhuji, all Dear ones, sisters and brothers round the world, many greetings and many blessings of Mahaprabhuji from the holy land Nepal and the blessing of the divine Mother Annapurna, the range of the Himalayan Annapurnas.
Today is the anniversary of Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji.

Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji went to Mahasamadhi 1963, 5. of December.

We all disciples, all the millions of devotees in India and in other parts of the world is meditating and praying and having beautiful satsangs. This year we have the Satsangs of Sri Mahaprabhujis Mahasamadhiday with me in Nepal, but all the ashrams, centers round the world they also have the satsang and I would like to tell something about Mahaprabhuji and what to remember and have a satsang on the day when Gurudev went to Mahasamadhi.

In the universe in the divine principle, in the cosmic law the most divine Tattwa is called Guru Tattwa.
GU means the darkness or this mortal world, this changeable world which is effected by different Yugas: Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapr Yuga, Kali Yuga and so on.
RU is the Brahma Tattwa, Satya Tattwa, because it is said “Brahma satya Jagat mithya”.
This jagat, this samsara, this mortal world is “mithya – GU”.
Brahma satya is the RU and that is: the Guru Tattwa is the highest Tattwa and this balancing both, the Brahma loka as well as the Mrityun loka. From Satya loka or Brahma loka time to time this Guru Tattwa incarnates. And the incarnation of Guru Tattwa is in 2 forms or ways:
Nimit Avatara and Nitya Avatara.
Nimit Avatara is from time to time in the Yugas, the same Brahma Jyoti, the Shiva Jyoti, the satya Jyoti, the Guru Jyoti incarnates and liberates this suffering souls, it liberates the bhaktas and protects the Dharma.
Bhagwan Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita: Oh Arjuna, whenever the Dharma is suffering, when the Bhaktas, the devotees are in trouble, then I incarnate with my YogMaya on this planet to destroy the Negative, to destroy the Adharma and to establish the righteousness, the Dharma and protect and liberate the bhaktas.
The same Brahma Tattwa or Shiva Tattwa or Satya Jyoti, the Shiva Jyoti, which represents the Guru Tattwa, Nitya Avatara means always every year, every month, every time, everywhere this Guru Tattwa manifestates.

But to acknowledge, realize or to understand these both, nitya and nimit Avatara, only the bhaktas can understand, the pious soul can understand, the real seeker understand in whom this burning desire of realizing the Brahma Tattwa, coming out of this cycle of birth and death, means changing the situation, the suffering.
Does no matter if you are in physical body or in the astral body, but the pain, the suffering is ignorance, is in darkness, in the sukshmaloka ( as well as in this bhuloka on this planet or on this earth since the separation of this individual soul. It depends on everyones destiny, the karma how their live is existing how their live will be. Atma is the Self, the Brahma itself, but the Jivatma, this soul is individual. Atma is free from all karmas, free from birth and death, Atma itself is the ParamAtma, the GURU TATTWA. And this Jivatma is the disciple, when he tries to practice and follows the Guru Vakya means the words of all great Saints then it can merge into the Atma. Otherwise this Jivatma will suffer.
But this Brahman, Svayam itself, Guru Tattwa, that’s why it is said in the Mantra “Guru Brahma”, Gurudev is the Creator. What does he create for us?
Gurudev creates in us suddhasattvic, pure sattvic vritti, pure sattvic qualities. Gurudev is Creator, who creates positive sattvic, wise or divine vrittis in us. He is the Creator who creates all the activities within our self.
He motivates the disciples and he leads the disciples. Therefore “GURU BRAHMA” – the Creator.

GURU VISHNU – the Protector, who protects the disciples from the negative energy, the negative effects and Gurudev protects the disciples through the Satsangs. Satsang is the Guru Vakya, the Satsang is that ocean of the mercy. Lucky are they who go to Satsang. Who will go to Satsang will always be protected.
Gurudev will always protect the disciple from going into the darkness. Gurudev will protect as the VISHNU this Jivatma, to lead out of the darkness to the light of the Brahman. And therefore Guru is VISHNU.

GURUDEVO MAHESHWARA – He is the Maha Ishwara – SHIVA!
And Shiva which destroys the negative energies and liberates all the bhaktas, the GURU BHAKTAS.
Therefore Mahaprabhuji said “Guru Bhakta jagata me Nara he duja pashu samana kara he”! Those who are bhaktas, devotees of Gurudev, they understood the real meaning of the human. They understood the human life and they lead the life positive and spiritual. Others life is passing same like others creatures.

GURU SAKSAT PARABRAHMA – therefore it is said: Gurudev itself is the Parabrahma!
And therefore GURU TATTWA is known as the Guru Saksat Parabrahma – it is the Parabrahma itself!

DHYAN MULAM GURU MURTIM PUJE MULAM GURU PADAM MANTRA MULAM GURU VAKYAM MOKSHA MULAM GURU KRIPA – therefore this is an instruction to the seekers, to the devotees and to the practitioner:
TASMAI SRI GURUVE NAMAHA! – therefore our adoration, our prayers to GURUDEV because he is SAKSAT PARABRAHMA!

Gurudev comes from Satyaloka. Gurudev comes from the Brahmaloka – and we also!

We also come from Satyaloka, from Brahmaloka, but   -   between this we have lost the consciousness or the memory of the Sattya or the Brahman.
Slowly slowly this Jivatma fell into the Mal, Vikshepa and Awaran: the impurity, the disturbances and the curtains of the ignorance. This means we lost the direction. Going to the darkness then you lost everything!

To guide, to protect therefore Nitya Avatara, the Satagurudev comes!

Does no matter in which form Satagurudev is coming, if you call him Nimit Avatara, Nitya Avatara, Saint, Holy Person, Yogi and so on and it does no matter who is this – all who will enter into the atmosphere of this earth, which is mrityunloka, cannot enter in this atmosphere, in this planet without going through 5 elements:

Space, fire, air, water and earth. When this 5 elements touching, coming then kinds of these layers comes on this soul and that is what we call the Annamayakosha, body of nourishment, pranamayakosha, the body of the prana, manomayakosha, the mental body, vigyanmayakosha, the intellect and anandamayakosha – the causal body. These 5 layers are over the soul and we are here sitting as a physical body. This physical body is created out of 5 elements. This body, these elements are the elements of the nature, of the prakriti and therefore these elements, this nature, this prakriti is working in us, in our body, in our mind, in our intellect, in our emotion, our thoughts, our activities and we are drawn to the natural law.
Therefore this body needs the nourishment, different kinds of nourishment: the physical, the solid, the liquid nourishment plus the society, the atmosphere, the environment. You cannot deny. Krishna, Rama or Buddha or any Holy Incarnation like Jesus or anyone have to eat, have to drink, have to supply what body needs.
But ATMA does not eat, ATMA doesn’t do anything. Atma is not drinking, Atma is not eating, Atma is not sleeping, Atma is not in the darkness, because Atma is called PARAMA CHETANYA! Supreme! Supreme – the Highest Consciousness!
And that Parama Chetanya is the Guru Tattwa!
As long as this body will exist you will have to go through this tunnel, the tunnel of the natural law. You have to walk through this. But the essence is compared as a Lotus flower – above the water. The consciousness of the saint is always connected with the Brahman, but the rest part of the Saint or the incarnation is within the water means within this loka.

Gurudev, Bhagwan Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji, who came from Satyaloka:
Saguna Brahma – that same Brahman which is Nirguna and Saguna.Nirguna is formless and Saguna is which manifestoes in this form. What is in this form, that Brahman, Atma, that Brahman, the Self, the Satagurudev is existing, residing in that body – that body has that radiance, that light which is given to the world as the light.

Those Yogis, those Saints may they are not travelling round the world, sitting somewhere – but there being in this world or on this planet is a blessing for all of us.

Yes, when you come to this mrityunloka then you have to go through certain sufferings too. Look the suffering of Jesus – many difficulties. Krishna also had, Rama also had, Buddha also had. All the incarnations, all the Holy Saints they have to go through certain troubles, because they took so many karmas of others.

Asuras don’t understand the Guru Tattwa. They don’t understand what is the Saint and they begin to create the duality: duality of the culture, duality of the nations, duality of the so called man-made-religions and many different things, the philosophies and mentalities and other things. These are the thoughts to divide the people. People divide the people. Humans divide the humans. But that was not the purpose of the God. God came to unite everyone in Oneness. God tells you “Believe, what you like!”
Someone likes to eat apple, but another is allergic. He likes the papita, but who is allergic towards papita can eat the apples. And who is allergic towards apple can eat the papita. God said “Adopt and accept according to your inner environment accepts and appreciates!”
But it means you have no rights to criticize, to humiliate or discriminate towards other believes, other religions, other cultures, other thoughts.
See God in everyone! That is you duty! That is a Satya Sanata – the eternal law, the eternal truth!

Satgurudev comes to bring the divine light. Mahaprabhuji came from Satyaloka. Devpuriji came from Shivaloka. Holy Guruji came from the Vishnuloka. These are the different Saints who came and they went through the worldly situations, but they knew what they are, what is their obligation. Why they came here and when fulfilled, time comes again Jyoti Jyoti me milte jate he – this divine light which is in one form again merges into its nirgunaform. Nirguna is the endless universe, the Brahma Jyoti. Saguna is that which is taking the form and acting for a while, blessing and going.

Mahaprabhuji was that – coming from the Brahmaloka. His every words, his teachings, his bhajans is the truth!
That is the essence of the Vedas. That is the essence of all Holy Incarnations. That is the essence of the Atma and essence of the life.
If we are wise enough, clever enough, if we think little deeper, about our self, then we will decide “YES!
I will follow the foot of Mahaprabhuji, the steps, the teaching of Mahaprabhuji.
Mahapabhuji left physically but still he is with us and with our bhaktas.

Mahaprabhuji is in you when you repeat Mantra. And when you come to the Satsang he is sitting within you. And his life goes with you – if you are worthy enough, if you are strong enough, if you have that faith! That light will work through you in the same way!

But as soon as you begin to have two thoughts that light will disappear from you:
One thought, now you think you are the Guru, the master and you don’t need others and you try to create one group separate. Mahaprabhuji said, I did not tell you this – so he is gone!
It means that people think “I have little practiced, I have Siddhis, I am Siddha, I can meditate!”
Then Mahaprabhuji said: O.K. you are here, you left the light.

Second: Never think that you are already Mahaprabhuji. You cannot be the Mahaprabhuji! You can be a devotee! You can be a servant of the Mahaprabhuji, but you cannot be Mahaprabhuji!
If he is living within you, it means not that now your Self is gone somewhere and you are the Mahaprabhuji. Such a people will suffer in the live. They will create the distraction. They will create the unhappiness and they can destroy the Satsang atmosphere into the Kusanga, discussing, arguments, this and that.

Holy Guruji said: ONE in ALL   and   ALL in ONE. If you have that devotion, Mahaprabhuji will be always with you and this light will go with everyone.
When such a great incarnation who is coming from Shivaloka, Vishnuloka, Brahmaloka, Satyaloka – whatever you call, Holy Guruji said in his bhajan: Satya patne jalana, because Holy Guruji is talking so much through his bhajans, satya sanatan, satya upadesh – it means, only that One can speak about THAT, who comes from Satyaloka.

On the day when this divine light, Brahmajyoti, Gyanajyoti, Satyajyoti again from this physical body remained some years and that was for this life the same like you are long time in one room where there is no oxygen, you are suffering.
In Kali Yuga people creates such a bad air, means situations, the environments, then again the Brahmajyoti goes.  For us it is this, that Satagurudev came, gave his message and again he went in his Nirguna-form.
Nirgun se sagun banaye bhakton ke hitakari – for what God or Gurudev came in this world, from Nirguna to Saguna, bhakton ke hitakari – for the sake of the bhaktas, for the benefit of the bhaktas.

We remember, we prayer, we meditate, we think on Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji and we are happy, that again he is in Brahmaloka in the light, everywhere and we prayer that again he will come and support all the pious souls, support all the bhaktas and we prayer that always he should be with us.  And that is very important.
Especially this day for us is that Mahaprabhuji again manifested again or merged into the entire Brahman and we are happy that we could have his Darshan or we could have his knowledge and wisdom.
We thanks to Mahaprabhuji. What can we thank? We have nothing to thank. How much can we thank?
Gurudev, you have given everything. When you gave everything, what can I give you? Just I give you my heart with both folded hands. Heart means our devotion. Heart means our pure bhakti. And that Gurudev knows and he will receive.
When it goes in the heart and in the viveka, in the intellect, when the duality, doubts, darkness appears, then we are destroyed. Then, what we call, when you go up and you fell from up to down, as higher you are falling down you will heart more and you will feel more pain.

We prayer to Gurudev to protect us all, all the pure souls and bhaktas round the whole world because Gurudev is not incarnated for one village or not for one family or not for one country – for all!

Because in Gurudev is the VISHWA itself, the entire universe. Vasudeva Kudumbakam! The entire world is the family of one God, one Creator, one Brahman.

So my Dear ones, devotees, bhaktas of God, Mahaprabhuji or any Holy Saint – I bless you on their name and wish you happy healthy harmonious life and spiritual development. Don’t step out of your bhakti. Don’t let enter in your mind any doubts. That is the most terrible thing which can happen to the humans.
Many things happen, good and bad, many tragedies happens in the life. But most dangerous and terrible tragedy  
Is that human loses confidence and devotion, that human will die without AtmaGyana.
Therefore I wish you all the best (Swamiji is folding his palms) and whatever you believe, whatever you work, wherever you are, which religion, which Master, I wish you all the best and success (smiling)!
God Bless you! With this my Dear ones, maybe we will come again in the webcast and I will be with you. Wish you all the best.

Sri Deep Narayan Bhagwan Ki Jay!

Sri Sri Deveshwar Mahadev Ki Jay!

MadhavKrishna Bhagwan Ki Jay!