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Seminar with Swami Gajanand


On the weekend of 23-25 October 2015, a Yoga Seminar was held in Rijecka Ashram, on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, under the guidance of Swami Gajanand. The seminar consisted of lectures, satsangs and practical exercises. The evening parts of the seminar were reserved for lectures about Karma (Friday) and Dharma (Saturday). Swami Gajanand explained in detail the principle of action of karma and reminded everyone that we all constantly act, and that all our actions have consequences that we should be very aware of.

The special theme of the seminar was practical stress management. Participants were introduced to a range of physical exercises (asanas), breathing techniques, (pranayama) and relaxation, which successfully help in the reduction of stress and strengthen the whole organism to deal with stress. Swami Gajanand emphasized that due to an accelerated way of living, a large number of people now live in constant stress; reinforcing that regular daily exercise is extremely important for stress relief.

The program was announced in the morning program of Radio Rijeka with talk on the show Kaf'e ('link'). 

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