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In order to improve the visual quality of our webcasts, a new digital HD Mixer and additional hardware are needed. With this new equipment we could webcast with higher definition resulting in clearer picture quality.

Technical improvements are very important, because in future we would like improve transmission reliability as well as picture quality. Apart from having a good internet connection at the webcast location, our video team needs new technical equipment to be able to deliver better picture quality in live webcasts.

If you view the donation meter with our nice Sri Ganeshji on you can see that our annual donation goal is 16000 EUR.

Today on the 13th of December the donation meter is at 6150 EUR.

The goal is higher than the annual server costs due to the new investments which are now required. The digital HD Mixer and other hardware needed to enhance visual and transmission quality of live webcasts, will cost approximately 16000 EUR.

For this we welcome your help and are very grateful for your support. Please visit our donation & sponsoring site here:

There are two kinds of improvements: technical improvements and content improvements.

Improvements in content and program management are on the way. Recent improvements are the repeating of live programs shortly after the live webcast for viewers in several time zones who couldn't follow the live webcast. We are also going to have regular programs in German, Hindi and other languages. Programs that focus on exercises will also have a more regular place in the future program. We welcome your input of what you would like to see on the 24/7 program. Please send your wishes, suggestions and ideas to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.