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Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital News

The cornerstone ceremony was held in April 2003, in the presence of Her Excellency, the Austrian Ambassador to India, Dr Jutta Stefan Bastl. The project is almost finished and we are now starting with the equipment and the furnishing.

Now we have almost made it – the hospital has been completed, most of the equipment has been installed and the first medical treatments have been performed already.

The next steps are: to recruit management, doctors and medical staff; to obtain the confidence of neighbouring communities and to become fully operational. The hospital should become self-sufficient in covering costs within three years. Until then, our support is necessary – we need an average of EUR 3,000 per month.

Our running donation campaign is designed in a way, that if 300 people regularly donate 10 Euros monthly for the next 3 years, the Hospital can become fully operational and self-sufficent.

Till today 58 joined the donation project. If you consider in joining as well please follow this link:

Please download a powerpoint presentation here:

(right mouse button, save file)


Please read here the report of Sadhvi Shantiji:

As you all know that we are trying very hard to become a fully operating hospital. We are very positive that we will be successful and you know without all of us it would not be possible.

Till now we have employed 14 nice and dedicated people at the hospital, which includes two very humble and kind doctors and a team of twelve gentle people.

Just to inform all of you that we have been organizing free medical camps at the hospital on regular basis and also we have Mobile Medical van that goes into the nearby villages to take care of people in need of medical facilities. Our team is very enthusiastic and is trying their best because we know we have support of all the nice and generous supporters like yourselves.

We would be thankful to you if you could please show this presentation to your friends, family, in Satsangs and at places of your reach to motivate people to help in our humanitarian project with not just their generous contribution but also help with volunteering.

We really look forward to have yourselves join us in our aim to give a better medical treatment and care in the rural area around Jadan. We need your support in every possible way.

Once again on Behalf of the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for everything all of you have contributed for the upliftment of the hospital and we look forward to your support in its future.

With Love

S. Shanti



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