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Summary of recent festivals and yoga retreat


We have arrived at the end of the summer season, so our Summer Yoga Retreat in Strilky, Czech Republic, will soon come to an end too.

Hundreds of yoga students have visited the yoga camp week by week, invigorating themselves in the lap of nature.

One student said, "I always ask myself when I am in the yoga camp, how is it possible to get up before sunrise so easily and vigorously in Strilky, and why is it much harder when I am home, in the jungle of the city? I believe this is because, being in nature, the air and the energy are more pure and clean in Strilky, compared to the heavy energy in a city. Thus, our yoga practice and meditation becomes smooth and more accomplished in such a vitalising environment."

The energy level is also charged by daily lectures and practice with Vishwaguruji, founder of Yoga in Daily Life, and by some special events and festivals which are celebrated every year according to the Vedic lunar calendar.

August was full of these delightful events, such as Sri Devpuriji's Mahasamadhi and Vishwaguruji's birthday satsangs (details on

Another marvellous celebration was the day for sisters and brothers called Raksha Bandhan (article on

After a joyful and fulfilling summer, retreat participants leave, intending to keep the peace and harmony in their hearts and minds by continuing to practise the yoga sadhana that was taught in the yoga camp by Vishwaguruji and several dedicated yoga instructors.

To further support your daily practice, there are plenty of opportunities to start or continue yoga classes and courses around the world with Yoga in Daily Life. Please check the schedule of your local Yoga in Daily Life Center