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Summer Seminar Program in Strilky, 2011 June 25th - July 2nd

About 200 people from different countries attended the inspiring summer program with Swami Gajanandji and Sadhvi Parvati Saturday 25 June till Saturday 2 July 2011 in Strilky, in the beautiful surrounding and nature of Strilky ashram.

There were two groups:
- group A, asanas and pranayamas for good health and relaxation
- group B, Kriya Anusthana for spiritual development.

Sadhvi Parvati had a series of lectures on the Vedas, and Swami Gajanand translated and explained numerous bhajans. Every day Swamiji was present via Live Webcast from India as well as in the evening on Skype with nice inspirational talks and satsang. There were also walks in the forest, karma yoga in the garden and interesting lectures.

Read the PDF invitations of the coming seminars. In case Swamiji will not be able to come due to certain commitments in India there will be every day live Webcast and Skype meetings and satsangs with Swamiji.

PDF invitation about Gurupurnima celebration week.
PDF invitation about Strilky program from Aug12 till Aug28
PDF invitation about a program in Croatia.


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