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Swami Umapuri visits Poland and The Netherlands

In the second half of November 2023, Swami Umapuriji visited and led some special Yoga in Daily Life events in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, for the first time, and then continued to The Netherlands for a weekend program in several Dutch locations.

Warsaw, Poland

17 - 23 November 2023

On the first day in Warsaw, classes with a particular focus on yoga for the spine were led by Swami Umapuri, and new effective exercises were introduced to the audience. Special attention was paid to each person's ailments, resulting in many people experiencing relief from discomfort and pain.

In the following days, three workshops on a variety of topics were conducted by Swami Umapuri, providing a glimpse of deeper Yoga knowledge. The workshops consisted of a theoretical and practical part, covering Manipura Chakra, Hatha Yoga Kriyas and Meditation. 

The highlight of the event was the Saturday evening satsang, where ancient mantras, kirtans and bhajans (spiritual songs), as well as traditional Polish folk songs, were sung. The satsang was attended by people from other spiritual paths, who have other masters and systems of practice, demonstrating that on a higher level, there is unity, and all paths lead to the same goal.

Guidance was provided by Swami Umapuri with great patience, care and love, inspiring us to work on ourselves on many levels.

Members of the Warsaw Association Yoga in Daily Life, who hosted the events, expressed their gratitude to Swami Umapuri Ji for finding time to visit Poland. Thanks to her, students from Poland could delve deeper into the spiritual side of Yoga.

Swami Umapuri in Warsaw, PolandSwami Umapuri in Warsaw, PolandSwami Umapuri in Warsaw, Poland

Swami Umapuri in Warsaw, PolandSwami Umapuri in Warsaw, Poland

The Netherlands

24 - 26 November 2023

Swami Umapuriji visited The Netherlands to lead a weekend program of events and gave inspiring yoga lectures, workshops and satsangs in Dongen, Oosteind and Hillegom.

With over 30 years of experience teaching Yoga in Daily Life around the world, she selflessly shared her wisdom with the participants. The weekend seminar program was designed to help participants expand and deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge of Yoga. They could leave the workshops feeling better prepared to face everyday life challenges.

On Friday evening, the workshop in Dongen focused on how to reduce stress and improve sleep and inner peace. The following workshops on Saturday morning in the Yoga in Daily Life Vegan & Vegetarian Ashram in Oosteind, and on Sunday in Hillegom, focused on ways to improve immunity, inner strength and vitality.

After the lectures, Swami Umapuri led the participants in specially designed asanas and pranayamas. She gave special attention to every participant and shared valuable practical tips regarding their questions and conditions. She created a pleasant, energising, and harmonious atmosphere, where everyone could experience the beneficial effects of Yoga in Daily Life.

One of the highlights was the vegetarian cooking workshop on Saturday at the Yoga Centre in Oosteind. Participants had the opportunity to socialise, exchange and cook together with Umapuriji as chef, in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. They also got more acquainted with the Yoga in Daily Life system. Swami Umapuriji explained the importance of keeping ourselves in purity, not only by practising various Yoga techniques daily but also by cultivating, preparing and eating pure organic vegetarian food.

Five different traditional Indian dishes were prepared and cooked with all kinds of specific spices, herbs and flours. Everyone was involved in either cutting the veggies, rolling and making the chapatis (Indian flatbread), preparing the different soups and doughs, or observing the different processes of the cooking. Afterwards, they all sat together and enjoyed the taste of the delicious, colourful and richly nourishing food that was prepared.

Saturday and Sunday evenings were concluded in a gentle quiet satsang atmosphere, singing prayers, mantras and bhajans (Indian spiritual songs). The hearts were filled with love, thanks and devotion to yoga master Vishwaguruji and the whole Yoga in Daily Life lineage of gurus (teachers).

Everyone is looking forward to the next program with Swami Umapuriji in The Netherlands.

Swami Umapuri in The NetherlandsSwami Umapuri in The NetherlandsSwami Umapuri in The Netherlands

Swami Umapuri in The NetherlandsSwami Umapuri in The Netherlands, cooking workshopSwami Umapuri in The Netherlands, cooking workshopSwami Umapuri in The Netherlands, cooking workshopSwami Umapuri in The Netherlands, cooking workshop