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Swami Umapuriji visits islands of Fiji

From 30 January till 9 February, Swami Umapuriji visited the Fiji Islands and met with devotees and students of Vishwaguruji and Yoga in Daily Life.

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After a few programmes in Auckland, New Zealand, her first stop in Fiji was Savusavu. This town is located on the beautiful, lush island of Vanua Levu. Savusavu was initially established as a port for trade ships. Now it is a fast-developing tourist destination with a marina soon to be opened on Nawi island, for the international yachting community.

Swami Umapuriji stayed with a generous family, who are very spiritually devoted. Every day the whole family had morning prayer, followed by yoga asanas on the veranda. The children especially enjoyed the exercises in the open space. In the evening, puja (ceremonial prayers) and satsang (spiritual gathering) were held and prashad (blessed food) was distributed afterwards.

On most days, extended family members and friends also joined, and it was a delight seeing everybody uplifted and happy with singing bhajans (spiritual songs) and playing instruments such as the dholak drum and manjira (hand cymbals).

Swami Umapuriji experienced exceptional hospitality with this devoted family. They took a lot of time and effort to show her temples, resorts and places of natural beauty. Two highlights were:

Naag Deo Sthaan – a naturally formed Shiva Linga, which was discovered just a few years ago. A temple will be built around the Shiva Linga in the coming years.
Vishnu Lakshmi Narayan Temple – containing a big lecture hall with a stunning ocean view. Vishwaguruji had lectures here on his past visits.

Swami Umapuriji also visited the hot springs and Copra Millers, a state-owned enterprise of the Fiji Government for producing coconut products.

One day a trip was made to the Nagigi Naag Mandir in Labasa, which is another natural wonder. Around this Shiva Linga exists wondrous stories of healing and worship. It was discovered around 100 years ago. First, a shack was constructed around it but became too small as the Shiva Linga continued to grow. Then a concrete temple was erected. The devotees are praying that the Shiva Linga stops growing, so it doesn't destroy the building over time. This temple is well known and attracts many Sanatan Dharma followers from all around Fiji.

From Labasa, it was another hour's drive through the backcountry to finally reach Shiv Kailash Parbath in Taganikula, a hidden gem for all Hindus. After climbing the 108 stairs to the temple, visitors are welcomed with a 360-degree majestic view of the stunning countryside. Three naturally formed stones represent Shiva, Ganesha and Parvati. Worship ceremonies were made and then Swami Umapurjii and the devotees enjoyed prashad on the open deck.

After one week in Savusavu, Swami Umapuriji left for Rakiraki on the island of Viti Levu. This journey took a one-hour flight and then around 3 hours to drive. Staying at Dream View Villas brought up many divine memories, as Vishwaguruji has made several visits to this beautiful place. The following days were filled with visits from many bhaktas (devotees) and paying visits to others. Uplifting, divine satsangs were held, and everyone could feel the renewed energy, joy and inspiration for their spiritual path.

With a heavy heart, the bhaktas farewelled Swami Umapuriji, hoping for another visit soon.

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