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Tennis player from Debrecen, Hungary wins gold medal at Deaflympics


Again a practitioner of Yoga in Daily Life won a gold medal in Sofia, Bulgaria at the Deaflympics. Gábor Máthé tennis player from Debrecen, Hungary already had good results before: deaf European Champion, 3rd in previous Deaflympics, etc. But his main dream was fullfilled now: after 4 winning matches he got into the final in Sofia and he won against his French opponent  Mikaël Laurent 7:6(4)/6:2/7:6(6)


Beside his training he practised Yoga in Daily Life System under the guidance of Tibor Kökény (Tyagpuri), Yoga in Daily Life-teacher in Debrecen, Hungary, during the last 4 months as a support and enhancing: streching asanas, yoga breathing pranayamas and relaxation, and some sportpsychology techniques.


It is now evident that Yoga in Daily Life is a great support and help physically and mentally for the sportsmen in different fields, swimming, kayak or tennis.
Éva Risztov (2012 Olympic Champion in 10km swimming), Balázs Börcsök (2008 Europen Champion in kayak marathon plus) and Gábor Máthé tennis player are all practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life and good example for this. Congratulations to the champions and many thanks for the great Yoga System that was created by HH Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji.




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