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The multi-faceted path of Yoga


There is an immense blessing in Satsang that one cannot see. The pearls of wisdom that fall from Gurudeva's lips, can touch you deeply. It may be only one sentence, but that can transform you, such value can't be measured.

Our modern measuring facilities and all the devices that we own are able to calculate at such high speeds, they can send signals and time events to the millisecond. But that is still only a thousandth of the speed at which your soul can travel. Nothing in this modern technology can come close to the science of ancient knowledge and Self-Realization. This science of Yoga in Daily Life and its aim, every aspect of it has been researched and put into the 'System' that we practice today. Each practitioner of this system will have his own experiences as proof, because it's a very powerful, progressive and effective system.

The multi-dimensioned path of Yoga has been widely diluted, and there is hardly any comparison between the ancient and modern Yoga techniques that have become so popular. What can truly be gained from twisting and torturing the body? It's certainly a far cry from the ancient science that is a path to Brahma Vidya. Nowadays almost total emphasis is given to the body and it's health, even Ayurveda has been popularized as a tool to achieve perfect health. We should always remember that health is the first wealth, it's a preliminary qualification in the pursuit of higher achievements on the path to Self-Realisation. Gentle exercise and proper nourishment is essential if we are to realize the essence of Yoga but torturing the body and forcing it to attain certain postures can never lead us to our goal. Yoga practices are meant for us in so far as they create a harmonious, happy and healthy individual, that is a qualification, not an end in itself.

The multi-faceted path of Yoga also requires its practitioners to take care of this beautiful, living planet. To treat it with care and respect, feel this living planet breathing, and protect her. Lead a natural life, in harmony with nature, and be biological, ecological and ethical. That is a part of your path. From this perspective only is it possible to traverse this ancient journey to wholeness, and realize Yoga, and that is Brahma Viddhya.

Satsang with Vishwaguru Mahamandelshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji.
OM Vishwa Deep Gurukul Ashram, JADAN, Pali, Rajasthan.



Jadan satsang- August 2013