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Yoga in Daily Life at Vegetarian Festival in Budapest, Hungary

2016 08 vegfest 1

The Vegetarian Festival is a traditional event in Budapest, taking place on the last weekend of August. Representatives from the Yoga in Daily Life System are regularly invited to take part in the event each year.

The Vegetarian Festival and the Yoga in Daily Life System are closely related, because our master, Vishwaguruji strongly emphasizes that without changing our lifestyle at least as much as to follow a vegetarian diet, it is not possible to achieve real success in Yoga.

During the festival YIDL gave demonstrations of yoga practice, provided yoga classes and lectures, and also helped participants realize that YIDL is an authentic system of yoga that leads one beyond everything, to the highest goal of being a human.

The timing of the Vegetarian Festival, being at the end of summer, opens up a good opportunity for all, because the new term of YIDL classes begins in September, so those who have a real interest in spirituality can find out about the classes. Therefore YIDL teachers and volunteers were very happy to take part and will continue to participate every year to let people know - Everyone is welcome to Yoga in Daily Life classes!

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