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Tree planting by YIDL Karlovac, Croatia

One day after planting 120 new trees in the Peace Alley of Kopački Rit Nature Park, 400 more trees were planted in the Croatian Žumberak Nature Park.

In cooperation with Jastrebarsko Forestry and the wholehearted help of Mr. Dražen Lovreček, the Yoga in Daily Life Karlovac association organised this afforestation event. This is the fourth afforestation of this area, which was devastated by a severe storm two years ago.

About 400 oak tree saplings were planted, so that the number of saplings that we have planted in that area has now reached a few thousand.

We also visited the area where we previously planted 1400 saplings of oak and wild cherry trees. The young and gentle plantlets are growing nicely and are promising to grow into a strong and big forest one day.

After the hard work everyone rested beside a welcome bonfire, and the beautiful day ended with a short walk with the expert guidance of Mr. Lovreček where we had the chance to see a wild, ten year old forest.

Fortunately, Croatia is still one of the rare destinations where ancient forests can be seen, still untouched by humans.

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