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UN Peace Day 21 September 2015 in Vienna and Salzburg

In Schweizer Garten, Vienna

On the International Day of Peace, the members of Yoga in Daily Life gathered in Vienna, as they do every year on this occasion, at the World Peace Tree in Schweizer Garten, which was planted ten years ago by Vishwaguru Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda together with District Director Erich Hohenberger. With the peace mantra chanted for the sake of the world as well as a prayer for peace, this evocative evening was dedicated to world peace.

In the Park of Hellbrunn Palace, Salzburg

This year, this commemorative day was focussed especially on the issue of refugees and the event therefore named "Reunification of refugee families".

For this reason, we invited as a guest speaker Dr. Ernst Löschner, of the refugee's organisation Alpine Peace Crossing. He impressed us with facts and figures about the current situation. Donations for refugees were also collected during the event.

Of course, we especially thought on World Peace. We held a ceremony at the World Peace Tree in the park, and presented Khatu Pranam, a cosmic dance of inner and outer peace. Accompanying this was chanting of the peace mantras. We also wished peace to all world religions and lit a peace candle for each religion.

The event was also attended by some refugees who inspired us with dances from their country. A Syrian refugee talked about his escape and his present life situation. A representative of the Salzburg city government conveyed greetings of the City to all those present and thanked them for the organization of the International Day of Peace.

Also in all other centers of Yoga in Daily Life in Austria there were peace events and peace prayers.


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