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USA Tour of MM Swami Vivekpuri December 2015

  • December 8-9: Lectures & Workshop, New York City - Raja Yoga

Swami Vivekpuri discussed the eight life-changing steps of Raja Yoga – the Royal Path – clarifying the comprehensive and unique potential of yoga in achieving a healthy, harmonious, and meaningful life. These talks were combined with his hands-on approach, which focused on asanas for good posture and strengthening the core; deepening the breath; and pranayama practice.

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  • December 10-13: Alexandria Ashram, Virginia - Sharing the Wisdom of Yoga

The three-day formal program consisted of yoga classes, lectures and satsangs for yoga students, yoga teachers, and the general public.

Not only Yoga in Daily Life disciples and teachers, but also regular students joined the sadhana (practice) sessions, using this opportunity to practice under Swami Vivekpuri's guidance, experiencing the protection and light of Sri Alakhpuriji's Siddha Peeth Parampara in the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of the Alexandria Ashram.

Many students, together with their friends and family members, enjoyed the inspiring lecture titled "Living a Yogic Life off the Mat". It was a chance to deepen their understanding of what it means to be a human, what the best human qualities are; and also how, when applied in daily life as a spiritual practice of self-awareness, yoga can help us overcome our negative aspects and become happier and healthier people.


  • December 14: Employee Wellness Program, Alexandria City Hall - Yoga for Stress Relief

Swami Vivekpuri was invited to instruct city hall employees in simple yoga techniques (to relax, stretch, and breathe) that can be practiced easily in the office, in order to overcome daily job-related stress. The Alexandria employees who participated enjoyed the session and asked several questions afterwards. This event was offered as part of the city’s Work’n Well – Employee Wellness Program. Participating employees were given points toward their personal wellness program.



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