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Varazdin Yoga EXPO CROATIA 2012

First Varazdin Yoga EXPO took place on Saturday, October 13th, organized by  "Yoga in Daily Life Varaždin" and under the patronage of Town of Varazdin. H.H. Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji blessed participants and the event with his letter of Support (link to letter) and Vice major of Varazdin, Ms Natalija Martincevic opened Yoga EXPO with the best wishes to the event and organizers.

Sermage Palace, opening:
Opening-ViceMayorMsNatalijaMartincevic SermagePalace-Entrance SermagePallace

The whole day was dedicated to yoga; various morning workshops and afternoon lectures were organized, enabling participants to get acquainted with yoga centers and schools that are active in the area of Varaždin. Art of Living Croatia, Center Namaste, Sathya Sai Center, Studio Shakti, and Yoga in Daily Life were presented to the audience.
In Varazdin historic Sermage Palace, in the very center of the town, about a hundred citizens tried out practicing yoga, and the lecture hall was crowded. During the break of the event, participants enjoyed in conversation and vegetarian specialties of Indian cuisine, and they planted a peace tree as memento of the first Varazdin Yoga EXPO. The president of Varazdin association of Yoga in Daily Life, Nenad Resnik, greeted all the present and said that planting of a peace tree and Yoga EXPO are major events for town Varazdin, which links all spiritual aspirants in their joined effort for inner and outer peace. "A tree is the best symbol and reminder of a selfless dharma. It is here for everyone, offering shadow, fruits and protection equally to everybody, and yoga is such tree." said Sadhvi Anand Puri. While chanting peace mantra, participants planted together a maple tree that will remind them of unity, balance, change of consciousness, and peace.

Morning workshops:

Morningworkshop-YIDLdemonstration Morningworkshop2-YIDLdemonstration Morningworkshop3-Meditation

Planting the Peace tree and vegetarian break:

Peacetree1 Peacetree2 Peacetree3

After the peace tree planting, inspiring lectures were held during the whole afternoon by representatives of yoga centers and schools. In final lecture, Swami Vivek Puri concluded: "The aim of these gatherings is to raise the awareness, mutual understanding and respect. Several fires can burn at the same time, and none of them loses its authenticity. Every flame contains element of fire, and that should be recognized. But in order to reach our goal, we must remain consistent and dedicated to one path, our own path."
Afternoon lectures:

Afternoonlectures1 Afternoonlectures2


Afternoonlectures3 Afternoonlectures4
As a continuation of this unique day, the entire next week, October 15 – 20, all participants of Yoga EXPO will have "Open Door Week" and people will be able to get better acquainted with the benefits of yoga.

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