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Vegetarian Festival in Budapest, Hungary


Already the 22nd year that the Vegetarian Festival has been organized in Budapest, this year the Festival took place on the first weekend of September.

Many colorful programs were offered to participants, including lectures, cooking contests, food tasting, product demonstrations, and exhibitions.

Several thousand people visited the Yoga in Daily Life booth, where Vishwaguruji's books were presented and information was given about the Hungarian YIDL classes and activities.

Ahimsa paramo dharma - non violence is the highest principle, the highest duty

In an effort to both follow and promote this principle, the Hungarian Yoga in Daily Life organization participates in the Festival each year. This year as usual, along with the information booth, YIDL also gave lectures and demonstrated yoga practices, thus providing a glimpse into the main teachings and techniques of Yoga in Daily Life.

The asana and pranayama practice, as well as Yoga Nidra, were particularly popular, with practical sessions led by senior YIDL teacher, Krishnanandji,  a 'Vegetarian of the Year' Prize Laureate.