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Vishwaguruji continues World Peace Tour in New Zealand

Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda was warmly welcomed to New Zealand on Tuesday 5 March 2019, by many devotees who had been eagerly awaiting his arrival. Planned events include a Peace Seminar at the NZ Houses of Parliament, plus satsangs, workshops and lectures on the theme of 'Chakras and Kundalini'  in Yoga in Daily Life ashrams around the country – and the grand opening of a new ashram in Auckland.

On the first evening of the visit, in the capital city of Wellington, a welcome satsang was held and Vishwaguruji's first lecture given on the theme of 'Chakras and Kundalini', at Wellington Ashram in Jessie Street.

On Wednesday 6 March, a Peace Seminar took place at the Houses of Parliament. Vishwaguruji and several other speakers expressed their thoughts on peace, the various areas where peace can be promoted, and how inner peace can be achieved.

house of parliament 1house of parliament 3

After the seminar, Vishwaguruji traveled north to Raumati Beach on the Kapiti Coast, for two days, to hold evening programs at Sri Devpuruji Ashram and continue on the topic of 'Chakras and Kundalini'.

On Friday 8 March, Vishwaguruji returned to Wellington for workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, focusing on further techniques and practices for activating and balancing the chakras.

Vishwaguruji left Wellington on Monday 11 March, and the New Zealand Tour continued in the northern city of Auckland.

auckland ashram 1 auckland ashram 2

In the evening, the new Auckland Yoga in Daily Life Ashram was blessed by the presence of Vishwaguruji and bhajans (spiritual devotional songs), filling the room with divine vibrations.

On Tuesday morning, Vishwaguruji held a workshop that gently guided participants through physical yoga exercises (asanas). The evening lecture showed how important it is to practice yoga and meditation daily.

 wellington classwellington ashram

At the evening satsang on Friday 15 March, Vishwaguruji expressed his prayers for those who lost their lives or were injured in the earlier shootings in Christchurch and his heartfelt condolences for their loved ones. The group prayed together – that there may be true and lasting peace, respect and tolerance in the hearts of all.

Yoga workshops continue each day until the official opening of the Sri Swami Maheshwarananda Ashram on Saturday, 16 March 2019. The Grand Opening Ceremony will be attended by special guests from the local area and will include a cultural program.  A Pohutakawa tree for World Peace will be planted on this occasion in Taumanu Reserve. All are looking forward to celebrating the opening of the newest Yoga in Daily Life ashram in New Zealand.

Opening Ceremony Auckland Ashram March 2019