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Vishwaguruji visits city of Martin in Slovakia

 Vishwaguruji in Slovakia Martin, 13-15. April 2018

In a valley at the edge of snow peaked mountains, in the Slovakian city of Martin, Vishwaguruji paid a most welcome visit to international practitioners of Yoga in Daily Life, from 13-15 April 2018. The beautiful weather made the weekend unforgettable to those who attended the program in person.

Vishwaguruji gave much practical guidance to participants in the weekend seminar. On Friday night, a healing meditation provided the opportunity to restore good health. The next few days included chanting of the sacred sound AUM – 'the Sound of the Universe'; as well as advice for all to come into closer contact with the natural elements (earth, water, air, fire/sun, space) in order to benefit from their healing power.

There was also a colorful children's program, with smaller and older children practicing together and then presenting their program of asanas to the rest of the participants, including the new version of Khatu Pranam.

'The eternal journey of the soul' – is a new topic initiated by His Holiness Vishwaguruji in his recent international lectures. He highlighted the power of mantra, saying that practicing mantra can advance spiritual awakening and change one's point of view of this existence.

After such a rich program in Martin, Vishwaguruji gave a satsang in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. The Ambassador of India, H.E. Harsh Kumar Jain, paid a visit to the Bratislava Ashram to attend this event.

Vishwaguruji in Slovakia Martin, 13-15. April 2018Vishwaguruji in Slovakia Martin, 13-15. April 2018