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Vishwaguruji in New Zealand, Fiji and Australia, 26 Sept – 25 Oct 2016

Topic of the 2016 World Tour was 'Yoga for the Body & Beyond'

From city to city, Vishwaguruji explained profound and fundamental principles of Yoga:

"Yoga is not just a collection of exercises, but a way of connecting body and mind; and also connecting to our ancient past. The history of yoga is far more ancient and stems from the beginning of time."

"Yoga starts with discipline. Don’t wait to act tomorrow or later. If it’s important to you, then do it now. Lead a disciplined life - no matter what religion you follow or which God you pray to. Discipline is what is required to succeed in one's life."

"AUM – scientists have discovered that the sound vibration of our sun is AUM. The resonance of this mantra is very powerful. You shall experience it for yourself in your own meditation practice."

See highlights of Vishwaguruji's tour:

Kapiti, New Zealand

After workshops and satsangs in Auckland and Wellington, Vishwaguruji spent some days in Sri Devpuriji Ashram in Raumati Beach on the Kapiti Coast (north of Wellington). There he attended celebrations of the inauguration of the new mayor of Kapiti Coast District, Mr K. Gurunathan.

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Vishwaguruji was invited as Guest of Honor at an evening satsang in the Bharat Sevashram Sangha branch in Suva, Fiji. Members of the ashram thanked him and the International Yoga in Daily Life Fellowship and Sri Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council (SSMWPC), for the donation of more than $70,000 Fiji dollars for disaster relief after last year's Cyclone Winston devastated the Fiji islands.

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Though Vishwaguruji visited Melbourne only for 24 hours, Melbourne group enjoyed a powerful satsang and darshan.
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Vishwaguruji's long awaited visit to Brisbane saw many divine moments in the garden and temple. A beautiful satsang evening and morning meditation with the grace of Vishwaguruji - these are special moments of blessing and grace cherished by the Ashram community.
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Last stop on Vishwaguruji's World Peace Tour was the ashram in Merrylands in western Sydney. Before Vishwaguruji's arrival to Sydney Swami Umapuri led some programs and gave satsang and yoga classes from 21-23 October. On Sunday, 23 October the bhaktas happily welcomed Vishwaguruji. After two days of joyful satsang and lectures, they bid him farewell on Wednesday 25 October.
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After the tour in Australia, Vishwaguruji has arrives in India for Diwali celebrations, and remembering the anniversary day of the Mahasamadhi of his beloved master, Holy Guruji.

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