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Vishwaguruji's December tour

Each year, Vishwaguruji usually visits Czech Republic and Hungary during December, to celebrate Christmas early in Europe, before his winter journey to India.

Czech Republic

This year he held a yoga seminar first in Strilky, Czech Republic, where the Christmas tree was already lit and decorated.

He spoke about the importance of mantra practice and the 5 stages of mantra practice, or japa, which are:
LIKHITA – through writing
VAIKHARĪ – through speaking
UPĀMSHU – through whispering
MĀNASIK – repeating mentally
AJAPĀ – through uninterrupted inner repetition.

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Vep hallVep hall
During December, Christmas is not the only occasion celebrated at Yoga in Daily Life events. At the Vép seminar in Hungary, Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji was commemorated, Vishwaguruji's 'grandmaster'. Mahaprabhuji left his body in December 1963, at the age of 135.

Sri Mahaprabhuji dedicated his whole life to the service of all creatures. By his example and his words, he gave to all who came to him the unchanging and supreme truth of SAT SANATAN DHARMA, regardless of their religion or nationality, gender or social position.

Besides the spiritual celebrations, there were two planting ceremonies of Peace Trees, which took place in the center of town and in the Agricultural College in Vép.
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After these two delightful yoga seminars, Vishwaguruji continued his journey to India, where his yoga devotees are keenly awaiting his presence.