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Vishwaguruji’s journey continues from India to Australia


Vishwaguruji spent the beginning of February in India and he visited South India and Gujarat. He was invited for various events and conferences, including a memorable seminar titled 'Yoga and Spiritual Science', organized by the Science Department of Gujarat University in Ahmedabad.
You can read more about South Indian events on 



After nearly two months of work and travel in India, Vishwaguruji began his world tour and flew to Australia. He landed first in Perth, where he launched his series of yoga teaching and lectures on the topic 'the eternal journey of the soul'. You can see more about programs in Perth on

After spending two days in Perth, Vishwaguruji visited his devotees and yoga practitioners in Sydney. His lectures focused on the explanation of prana and the five koshas, the five 'bodies' or sheaths, which are:

ANNAMAYA KOSHA – body of nourishment | Physical Body
PRĀNAMAYA KOSHA – energy body | Astral Body
MANOMAYA KOSHA – mental body | Astral Body
VIGYĀNAMAYA KOSHA – intellectual body | Astral Body
ĀNANDAMAYA KOSHA – body of joy | Causal Body

Relating to the five koshas, he highlighted the importance of maintaining our prana, life energy, which gives us positive thoughts and power in our everyday life. You can read more about the lecture in Sydney on

After Sydney, he continued his tour and he travelled north to the small town of Dungog and the Yoga in Daily Life ashram which is situated in nearby hills at Main Creek – Sri Devpuriji Ashram. It is an amazing isolated location, far from the noisy cities, and perfect for a yoga retreat. A small group had the opportunity to experience solitude and peace in the ashram and practice yoga with Vishwaguruji. See the article on

Vishwaguruji then travelled south to Melbourne and held a weekend program in this second-largest Australian city, at the Yoga in Daily Life ashram in Richmond. See the pictures and article on

Vishwaguruji's tour of Australia ended with five days in the north-eastern state of Queensland, at the Yoga in Daily Life centers on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and in the capital city of Brisbane. See the report on

After Australia, Vishwaguruji continues the tour with a journey to New Zealand.

You can watch live webcasts of Vishwaguruji’s lectures and past recordings from around the world on or on YouTube.