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Vishwaguruji's tour in October 2019

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Read more about the weekend seminars:

It is always inspiring to sit nearby and listen to Vishwaguruji's lectures. One can step out from the busy ordinary life during these weekends with Vishwaguruji and with a full day of practicing yoga. These short weekend seminars give an encouraging boost to yoga practitioners to deepen and continue their yoga practice (sadhana) at home.

Vishwaguruji has often said: When the phone has a low battery, we plug it in and it is recharged. Likewise, we need to come to the yoga seminars from time to time, to plug ourself in and get recharged – with spirituality and inspiration and energy.

After the European tour, Vishwaguruji continued his journey in India. Autumn is particularly special because at this time the Diwali festival is celebrated all over the country. It is the most popular festival in the Indian culture, when the victory of the light of knowledge over spiritual darkness is celebrated.


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