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Vishwaguruji’s winter tour in Austria

Austria 2019.11.19
Austrian yoga practitioners and disciples had several opportunities to meet with Vishawaguruji in November and December 2019 in their home towns.

The first visit on the tour was to Langenzersdorf, where the 30th anniversary of Yoga in Daily Life in Lower Austria was celebrated. Swami Umapuri, who is a long-time devoted practitioner and yoga teacher of Yoga in Daily Life, organized a cultural event, which included a lecture from Vishwaguruji about the science of Yoga.

Vishwaguruji continued his Austrian tour at the end of November with visits to Salzburg and Linz.

During the Austrian weekend Yoga Seminar in Salzburg, Vishwaguruji talked about mantras and explained the difference between universal mantras and the individual mantra that a disciple receives from the master.

Vishawaguruji often highlights the importance of mantra in meditation practice and frequently states: “Meditation without mantra is like a body without a soul. In this way, you will see that you will heal yourself without medication.”

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