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Vishwaguruji's World Peace Tour 2018 - New Zealand

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After spending six weeks in India, the first stop on this year's World Peace Tour was New Zealand, where Vishwaguruji spent seven days visiting all three ashrams on the North Island - Auckland, Raumati Beach and the national center in Wellington.

All three cities had the same topic for this year's tour: 'Yoga for Stress Management'.

Vishwaguruji gave theoretical and practical lectures and satsangs about how to manage everyday stress through using simple yogic techniques. In particular, Vishwaguruji explained the Brahmari Pranayama technique and OM chanting, and suggested to practice these on a daily basis, not just for stress management, but to prevent certain health problems. 

Benefits and practice of Brahmari Pranayama: YouTube video

The programs in Wellington included a special Workshop for Seniors, and a Public Lecture at the Victoria University in the capital city.

At all sessions, Vishwaguruji emphasized the importance of positive thinking and discipline, and encouraged people to practice daily at least 1.5 hours in the mornings, in order to reap the best benefits that yoga has to offer.

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