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Vishwaguruji touring in India

After a short European visit, Vishwaguruji, founding author of the Yoga in Daily Life system, has landed back in India to continue his effort on overseeing the completion of construction of the Om Ashram temple and spiritual centre.

Vishwaguruji’s first stopover was Jaipur, which is also known as the Pink City, due to its many colourful stone buildings. He was invited to the opening of the Rashtriya Seva Bharti conference Seva Sangam. Check the full article on

He then visited Kailash Ashram, where the great yogi Sri Devpuriji resided and practised meditation in the last century. The area around the ashram and temple of Yoga in Daily Life has a special atmosphere and serenity. Those who visit this magical place never forget it. 

Near Kailash Ashram, Vishwaguruji laid a foundation stone at the Shree Jwala Mata Mandir. Check for more photos on  here: Vishwaguruji with bhaktas in Kailash Ashram India, and here: Vishwaguruji lays foundation stone in Shree Jwala Mata Mandir near Kailash Ashram.

After Kailash, Vishwaguruji visited Sri Mahaprabhuji’s birthplace, the small village of Hari Vasani, where he presented Mahant Ganesh Puri Goswami with the recently published Golden Jubilee book. For years, Vishwaguruji has been planning some construction projects in Hari Vasani. After a long time, work finally began in the winter of 2022 on an ornate, huge gate, built in front of Mahaprabhuji's birthplace. Upon entering Hari Vasani, one can see the new gate from a distance.

Another building project is the Shiva Mandir (temple), also visible from a distance. In the courtyard of the house where Mahaprabhuji spent his childhood, there was a tiny Shiva lingam on a tiny base, as well as a Hanumanji and a Ganeshji relief. Mahaprabhuji performed the Rudrabhishek (devotional prayers to Shiva) at this small Shiva lingam. An imposing, tall Shiva Temple has now been completed.

At present, Ganesh Puriji is the eldest man in the village, the head of the family, and the son of Mahaprabhuji's eldest brother Chatur Puriji. Four families live in the courtyard, all Brahmins, members of the Goswami caste. Ganesh Puriji is the one who has kept Mahaprabhuji's memory alive in this house for many decades.

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