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Vishwaguruji visits Warsaw, Poland

Vishwaguruji visits Warwas, Poland

After three years, Vishwaguruji has again visited Warsaw, Poland and was eagerly awaited by his students there. The weekend seminar took place at the Warsaw University Library from 10-12 November 2017, with a topic regarding the impact of yoga practice on the daily life of the practitioner - "Yoga for Body and Beyond".

The seminar started on Friday 10 November with a classic Indian dance dedicated to Lord Ganesha performed by Bhakti Devi, followed by a lecture from Vishwaguruji and a short deep meditation.

Saturday began with morning asanas with a local Yoga in Daily Life teacher and a morning lecture. Vishwaguruji then had a walk and some sightseeing in the center of Warsaw. In the afternoon there was another session of asanas, then yoga nidra, pranayama, and an evening satsang and bhajans with Vishwaguruji.

Sunday again offered a program of morning asanas and a lecture with Vishwaguruji, and in the evening was the farewell satsang.

In his lectures, Vishwaguruji expounded theory and presented many exercises – as always with a great a dose of good humor. He talked about improving our memory and the functions of the digestive system, and how to manage stress and fear.

The walls of the University Library are decorated with several plaques corresponding to different branches of science and knowledge. On one of them there are engraved some text in Sanskrit from the Bhagavad Gita, Rigveda and Upanishads.

Participants were very happy about seeing Vishwaguruji again in their country, expressing that he has given so many spiritual gifts for which they are very grateful, feeling that they and their country were indeed blessed by his presence.

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