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Vishwaguruji's visit to Georgia

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It was the third time Vishwaguruji has visited Georgia, and after one and half years, he again gave a weekend seminar in Tbilisi.

The official program started with a Public Lecture on Friday evening, in the cosy "Om Yoga Cave" that was filled till the last corner. More than 100 people, many from yoga classes and also many new people, gathered to listen Vishwaguruji's lecture titled, 'How to get to happiness through yoga'.

Vishwaguruji began by putting a question to the audience:
"Relax, and for 5 minutes think over: what does happiness mean for you; what does it mean for you to be happy?"

Then Vishwaguruji continued:

"All creatures are the light of God, but humans have a special blessing, intellect. This we can and should use for good things. To protect other creatures, and to achieve wisdom and liberation."

"Within you is the fountain of joy and the ocean of immortality. Just look within you. We always look outside. We have to learn to look within us to find our original happiness."

"Whatever we do is karma. Every action creates a reaction, and the reaction again leads to some action. It is an endless circle. When you do bad actions, the reaction will be negative. Good actions will lead to pleasant reactions. Good thoughts and feelings bring happiness to ourselves. We ourselves create happiness or unhappiness. All is within us, nowhere else."

"Try to make somebody happy every day - some person, any creature, or even a tree, a flower, a plant. Make others happy, then happiness will come back to you more and more!"

"It is a long way. Don't think that tomorrow you will be Self-realized. Do good, be good, purify your consciousness through practice of yoga, prayer and meditation. Don't kill, don't torture or hurt any creatures. Don't kill and eat animals!"

"We should understand for what we are born, from where we have come, and to where we will go. Our origin is not only from this mother or from this country. We earn money and make business, for what? This joy which you want to enjoy eventually brings less joy than sorrows. At the end we cannot take anything with us. We have to give up all! It is our illusion, our ignorance, that makes us unhappy. Happiness is within us, but we search it outside. We are like the lady who has lost her needle in her sleeping room, but is searching in the yard. That's our case. Don't search outside - look within you! Then you will find true and lasting happiness."

"Meditation is the way to enter into your inner space. Then you will recognise that you are not a victim, but the creator. That you are immortal atma - not this tiny, limited and mortal being."

On Saturday and Sunday the seminar continued on the theme of Chakras. Vishwaguruji said:

chakras0004 1200"In our body is an immense amount of energy and power. The saints and great masters are able to control it, so that it shall not be misused. Within our body there are energy channels (nadis) and energy centres (chakras) where the cosmic energy (kundalini) is received, stored and distributed to the whole body and mind."

He explained the meaning, symbols and qualities of the Chakras, and of the cosmic energy (shakti) in general, and how to control it and get benefits of it.

On this occasion the recent edition of Vishwaguruji’s book "The Hidden Powers in Humans - Kundalini and Chakras" was introduced, published in Russian language for the first time.

On Monday, Vishwaguruji had a very amicable meeting with the Indian Ambassador to Armenia and Georgia, His Excellency Yogeshwar Sangwan, who travelled the far distance from Yerevan, capital city of Armenia, with his wife and son, just to meet with Vishwaguruji.

On Tuesday 4 April, Vishwaguruji proceeded to Ukraine, where the bhaktas were already eagerly waiting his darshan.

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