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Visit of Shree Gulab Kothar Ji in Vienna/Austria

On Friday afternoon Shree Kothari Ji and Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda were guests of honour in a lecture on "The Aspects of Lord Ganesha" held by Prof. Samuel Geoffrey from the University of Newcastle (Australia), in the Institute for South Asia, Buddhism and Tibetology of Vienna University. Shree Kothari Ji took actively part in the discussions from the viewpoint of Vedas and Puranans, and with his deep knowledge and wisdom he enlightened the subject to a great extent.

On Sunday evening, Dec. 8th, Shree Kothari Ji was invited to the International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Vienna and Yoga in Daily Life Centre, founded by Swamiji in Vienna. There he was giving a lecture on "Body, Mind and Intellect" to a large audience.

"When I don’t know myself, then I also don’t know others – because if I have a wrong view about myself, I will have a wrong view about others, too" Shree Kothariji started his task explaining the significance of the subject. He continued with an outline about the present situation: "Through modern technology our social radius has been shrinking by and by. This development has been culminated through the internet in such a way that eventually many people cut off social contacts and take care only about their individual interests, needs and desires. In modern society our mind is more and more directed and orientated to the outside world, and we take less and less time to look inwardly and think about ourselves. And without looking within us there is no possibility to know about ourselves".

Then Shree Kothari Ji gave a profound insight on Vedic knowledge and science about creation, structure of the universe and the origin and structure of ourselves based. He gave details to the characteristics of body, mind, intellect and spirit and traced them back to their original source, the prime element of the universe, Brahm.

"Since the source and origin of our being is Avya Purusha, Atma, we carry within us his characteristics – pure consciousness and everlasting bliss. And we also carry within us the two basic qualities of Brahm: to spread and to nourish. These elementary desires are the seeds of our mind, are the seeds of life. And finally this inherent desire draws us back again to our source, to Brahm.

As a stone belongs to the earth, it will fall back always to the earth when we throw it up. Fire belongs to the sun, therefore it is intending upwards. We belong to Brahm, and since Brahm is Ananda we are searching for happiness and bliss. Fulfilment of our desires and everlasting bliss we can only find at the source which lies within ourselves."

With this, Kothariji rejoined again to the starting point of his lecture: "Look within yourself, contemplate and meditate on the Self, the Atma. This is the only way to find bliss and peace of your origin, of your inherent source."

After the lecture began a vivid discussion which closed with the heartfelt invitation to Shree Kothari Ji to continue the dialog and repeat the visit and give a talk in International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram again.


Shree Gulab Kothari Ji's visit in Vienna

Shree Kothari Ji and Swamiji at the Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Vienna