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Visit to Peace Tree and Cypress Mountain in Vancouver

Vishwaguruji arrived in Vancouver at the end of a long and cold Canadian winter, and the earth greeted him with the first blossoms of Spring.

The week unfolded perfectly, with pleasant warm weather, blue skies, fragrant spring air and a celestial peace that could be felt throughout the whole city.

Bhaktas 'drank the nectar' of satsang that began with an homage to the divine birthplace of the Holy Lineage. Vishwaguruji spoke about the caves of Sri Alakhpuruji and Sri Devpuriji and the Svargarohini (steps to heaven).

Subsequent satsangs included specific practices and meditations for Vishuddhi and Agya chakras. All who came thirsty for vidya (knowledge) left with their questions answered and inspiration to live in alignment with their true purpose as humans – to love and serve all living creatures.

During the daytime, Vishwaguruji visited the World Peace Tree, which is now over seven meters tall. He also blessed the houses of long-time Vancouver bhaktas (devotees).

In the evening, during the full moon of the Spring Equinox and the celebration of the Holi Festival, Vishwaguruji and the group visited Cyprus Mountain and we sat together, took pictures and laughed in the snow, in the glow of the full moon.

It was truly a blessing for all to be with Vishwaguruji and be in the embrace of his infinite grace and mercy.

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