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Weekend Seminar with Vishwaguruji in Maribor, Slovenia

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On Friday 18 May 2018, an international Weekend Seminar of yoga with Vishwaguru Paramhans Maheswarananda began in Maribor, Slovenia. The seminar took place in the spacious Leon Štukelj Hall, which made it very comfortable for all the participants to practice.

Starting with an Ayurvedic motto – The first happiness for a human is good health – Vishwaguruji answered the question, “What is most precious in life for a human being?”, which was also the title of the seminar.

As well as talking about physical and mental health, Vishwaguruji explained about spiritual health and maya (worldly illusion), which we can experience as a temptation on our spiritual path and can lead us away from yoga – unity. He also mentioned the meaning of sannyasa as renunciation. “Renounce and enjoy”, is a famous phrase of Mahatma Gandhiji's; advice for ordained Swamis as well as lay people.

On Sunday, following the indoor seminar, a public event took place in Mozirski Flower Park, dedicated as a preliminary celebration of the International Day of Yoga, as well as an introduction to the first International Day of Bees.

Miraculously, a rainy morning transformed into a wonderful sunny day, so all could practice yoga on the beautiful green meadow. Participants and guests enjoyed practicing the Bari Khatu Pranam sequence of asanas beside the impressive symbols of the human chakras, an installation that was created by Yoga in Daily Life in Mozirski Park some years ago.

This event was opened by addresses from two honored guests, Mayor of Mozirje, Mr Ivan Suhoveršnik, and the Ambassador of India, H.E. Paramjit Mann. In his speech, Vishwaguruji pointed out the importance of protecting our environment and the natural world, and following the theme of the day – protecting the bees and birds.

Ms. Marija Kočevar, an expert for healthy nutrition and healthy environment, gave a very profound explanation of the bees' life and why we should protect bees and the natural habitat.

The sunny Sunday ended with a satsang in Ljubljana Ashram, in the presence of H.E. Ambassador of India, Paramjit Mann. We also received a phone call from Vishwaguruji's disciple Swami Avatarpuri in India, who shared with us a few words about the meaning of a spiritual master and about his life with Vishwaguruji.

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