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Weekend yoga program with Vishwaguruji in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia

Weekend program with Vishwaguruji in Tbilisi

The moment had finally arrived, after local yoga disciples had been waiting for two years and two months, when Vishwaguruji visited the eastern European country of Georgia for the fourth time from 14-16 June 2019.

Many people welcomed him at the airport and even more people gathered for the public lecture in the capital city of Tbilisi – and over a hundred people attended each day of the weekend seminar with Vishwaguruji, at the Yoga in Daily Life center known as OM Yoga Cave.

The main subject of the seminar was Chakras and Kundalini and Vishwaguruiji gave beautiful lectures, great meditations and very powerful kriya techniques. His lecture on the destiny of the soul was very interesting and inspiring for Georgian yoga disciples and members of the public who attended the seminar. Fifteen people decided to take part in a traditional mantra diksha ceremony, where they received a holy mantra from Vishwaguruji to use for deepening their spiritual practice.

Organisers and participants expressed that it was very hard to say goodbye to their beloved Gurudev (spiritual teacher) and they are looking forward to greeting him again in Tbilisi soon.

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