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Yoga in Daily Life Seminar in Nadlac, Romania


On 1-2 April 2016, a seminar on the subject of Hatha Yoga Kriyas took place in Nadlac, Romania, under the guidance of yoga teacher, Rado Hovorka from Bratislava, Slovakia. His lectures about yoga and spirituality, as well as the practical exercises, gave a deeper meaning and broader understanding of the Yoga in Daily Life (YIDL) system to students who attend regular YIDL classes.

During the seminar the students learned what the different Hatha Yoga Kriyas are and then put each technique into practice.

Also included in the program was a short practical course in vegetarian cooking, where participants learned how to make paneer (Indian form of curd cheese), and prepared a variety of vegetarian dishes.

The program was very successful and well received by all who took part.


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