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YIDL retreat on Iz in Croatia



Dear friends,

Retreat will start on Saturday 27th August, and not as it was announced on Friday. Enclosed is invitation with new dates.
All who wish to come earlier or extend stays are welcome, but only in the same accommodation in our application (camp-camp, room-room)

Here are some important guidelines:

- All those who want a tent accommodation should announce(write it as a comment in excel) if it will be their tent or tent which already exist in the camp (tents with double pads and bed sheets)

- Is the island and it is possible to get there with catamaran, boat or ferry. The ferry traveling last 2.5 hours, the ferry only goes several times a day, but in Jadrolinija you can reserve a place on ferry (with deposit). Price is 23,5 € for a car and 3,2 € per person. The catamaran is a fast boat, the journey takes 45 minutes and the ticket price per person is 3,2 €, passenger ship sails 1.5 hours and the price is 3 €. The recommendation is to come to Zadar by plane, train or bus and take a boat or catamaran to Veli Iz. Contacts: for the ferry and ship Jadrolinija (+385 23 254 800), for the catamaran- and bus phone +385 23 211 555.

- Bus from Slovenia is possible(the description of departure is already mentioned in the invitation). A return ticket is 60 €.

- Please, ask your members not to contact the hotel Korinjak for special requirements on the food or similar, for all the information please contact Zagreb ashram. As in all other seminars, it is not allowed to bring meat, meat products, eggs and fish in the center Korinjak.

- selling in the center Korinjak is not allowed.

- For the great danger of forest fires is strictly forbidden fires, candles, incense sticks and anything that might cause a fire. IT IS NOT ALLOWED ANY COOKING IN CAMP ( gas stove, BBQ, open fire etc).

We are looking forward to welcome you in Croatia
Sadhvi Anandi

Please read the invitation PDF also.