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YIDL Youth Union & 2nd Children World Peace Conference

On August 6 2004 at YIDL summer seminar in Strilky/Czech republic the "Yoga in Daily Life Youth Union" was founded. Inspired by His Holiness Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji, a group of children and youth joined under the frame of "Yoga in daily Life" to communicate with each other and present their views on many important topics of today: peace in the world, tolerance among nations and religions, multi-culture, vegetarianism and protection of animals and environment.

Additionally, an International Children Peace Conference initiated by Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, the author of the world renowned system of Yoga in Daily Life will take place on August 12 2004. It will be conducted in the beautiful area of the International YIDL centre in Strilky, Czech Republic. This event is supported by representatives of Czech culture, politics and religion.

Children and youth from about 10 European countries and the USA are gathering to discuss the most urgent matters of today’s world – questions of peace and spiritual values in modern society.

The conference coincides with and commemorates the UN's International Youth day.


Founding of \'Yoga in Daily Life Youth Union\' Founding of \'Yoga in Daily Life Youth Union\' Founding of \'Yoga in Daily Life Youth Union\'

Founding of \'Yoga in Daily Life Youth Union\' Founding of \'Yoga in Daily Life Youth Union\' Founding of \'Yoga in Daily Life Youth Union\'

Invitation to the 2nd Children World Peace Conference

YIDL Youth Union opening statement:

Youth of "Yoga in Daily Life" want to hold together and communicate with each other over the internet, solve their problems, put questions and get qualified answers. We are seeking the blessing of Sri Mahaprabhuji and Swamiji and are asking the adults of YIDL to help and support us. Besides the internet communication we will meet at least once or twice a year at a conference or a similar gathering.

  • children should have the right to live in whole families
  • children should be happy
  • they should have opportunities to study
  • they should learn to create harmonious families and be faithful to their life partners
  • children want world peace
  • tolerance between nations and religions
  • development of multi-culture
  • support of vegetarianism in the world
  • protection of animals
  • protection of children from drugs and other bad influences