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Yoga camp and spiritual event in July 2021

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Every year in the summertime, Yoga in Daily life students can meet with the founder of the system, Vishwaguruji Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, in Europe. This year, from June to the end of August, Vishwaguruji will be staying in Strilky Ashram in Czech Republic, where yoga students are invited to visit in order to focus on their spiritual sadhana (yoga practice) more intensively than is usually possible in regular daily life.

Read more about the start of the Summer Yoga Camp at


During the summer, there are certain constellations celebrated according to the Vedic lunar calendar. One of the most illustrious spiritual events is GURUPURNIMA, which will be celebrated at the upcoming full moon on 24 July, giving the very fortunate opportunity to meet with Vishwaguruji in Europe this year.

On Gurupurnima day, yoga students and disciples prepare themselves to honour and greet their guru, teacher, either in person or in their hearts. The students symbolically hand over the fruits of their spiritual work of the past year to their teacher, asking for blessings and new guidance.

Due to the current Covid crisis, many students cannot come to their master, however, the ceremony and honour to the guru can be performed at home. In this YouTube video, Vishwaguruji explains how to perform the solemn ceremony with love and devotion at home.
In the word GURU, gu means darkness, and ru means light. Likewise, the second line of the mantra Asato ma sad gamaya, refers to the concept of the GURU: Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya  – 'Keep us from the darkness of ignorance and lead us towards the light (of knowledge).'  (See the full Peace Mantras translation here).
As Vishawaguruji said:

“Without that Light, the darkness of ignorance cannot be removed. When we see how wisdom has transformed our life, we feel grateful for all that has come our way. GURU PURNIMA is the day to be grateful and on that day we pray to the masters. Without their blessing, liberation is not possible.”

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